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EP 24: Freebies, Lead Magnets, Opt-Ins: What they are, Why you want them, and How to do it.

Updated: Jul 4

Freebies, Lead Magnets and Opt-ins are all there to do the same thing: Deliver value to your ideal customers or clients, start building the relationship AND build your email list! In today's episode of the podcast, I explain: -What they are. -How they work. -Why you want to have one for your business -What the best lead magnets have! and -Tips to set up your own easily and effectively. Warning: I say the words Lead Magnet in this episode a ton! Maybe you could make it a drinking game for a Friday night. Haha.

Ask me Questions about Lead Magnets on Instagram: @ashleyavisco To see my Lead magnet in action: CLICK HERE. Want the link to my video tutorial showing you the steps to setting up an opt-in form, and automatically delivering your lead magnet into the inbox of your subscribers? CLICK HERE.

Until next Tuesday, YOU GOT THIS! Ash #emailmarketing #leadmagnet #freebies


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