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EP 70: How to Know if Your Business is Ready for a Website

Updated: 5 days ago

There are plenty of reasons why a small business owner may choose to forgo launching a website for their business. Maybe they think websites are too techy or hard to manage. Or maybe they feel like hiring a web designer, copywriter or professional photographer is too expensive right now. Perhaps they are just not ready to truly put themselves out there, or maybe, just maybe, they think that have social media profiles is good enough for them. Today on The Ashley Avis Podcast, I'm going to debunk all four of those myths PLUS give plenty of reasons why getting started with a website for your business is key for gaining momentum and getting more sales. PLUS I also tell you what I did to start my own website and the steps you can take to save money, avoid tech-disasters and feel comfortable launching your first site! Listen Now!

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