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Learn how to book out your calendar using Instagram!

When you started your own business, you didn’t think you were signing on to be an Instagram expert did you? You need a friend in your corner to dish out the secrets of how social media works to feed clients to your business. I can be that friend.

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Instagram doesn’t have to be a complicated time-suck where you are constantly comparing your feed to your competitors wondering
“how do I do that?” 




Instagram can be easy! Knowing what to post, when to post it and why is actually not that hard to figure out - when you have guidance. So many “Instagram Experts” will say that posting multiple times a day and engaging for hours on the platform is the only way to grow and get results. I argue, and my clients will back me on this, that focusing on the quality of your posts and engagement rather than quantity is the only way to go if you are a busy working woman. This focus on quality will help with streamlining your process and actually converting your followers into clients. 


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My signature 8-week coaching program where I work one on one with busy entrepreneurs to transform their Instagram into a client-attracting machine!

Nail Your Niche


…so that you know exactly who it is you are speaking to. This allows your potential and current followers to feel seen, heard, and understood, creating a connection that starts the relationship.

Content Creation Tips


…so that your posts stand out! I teach the secrets to creating beautiful, on-brand content including images, videos, and captions that build trust and authority AND make you stand out from your competitors.

Engagement Strategy

…that doesn’t have you stuck to your phone 24/7. I can show you how in 15 minutes per day you can have genuine conversations about your business that will lead to clients!


You don’t need thousands of followers to make thousands of dollars. 

Katie Koutnick, Functional Medicine Health Coach

"Ashley's coaching has allowed me to feel much more confident and excited to keep creating content for Instagram! I've been stuck for months and after working with her for only a few short weeks, I'm already seeing results!"

Katie K, @katiekoutnikfunctionalhealth

What's Covered in This 8-Week Program?

Week One: Let's write the perfect brand story and nail the right messaging in order speak directly to your niche and attract and captivate the right people.
Week Two: Optimize your profile so that visitors feel qualified and know why they should click “follow” when they find your profile! (This includes writing the best brand statement aka one-liner ever!) 
Week Three: Outline your content pillars so you can further nail down your brand messaging and easily come up with tens, if not hundreds, of post ideas!

Week Four: Here I train you on the Instagram playing field and help you come up with a sustainable posting strategy that works! Gone are they days when you are left wondering, "what do I post today?"  PLUS: This includes a tutorial of my favourite scheduling/auto-publishing app!

Week Five: Determine your engagement strategy so you can get your current followers to know you, like you and trust you in just 15 minutes a day! (Because people don’t buy things from people they don’t trust, right?) PLUS: Get my caption writing cheat sheet!

Week Six: Design 101 including a Canva Tutorial (my favourite graphic design app) so you can quickly design on-brand images, carousel posts, cover photos and even video posts that stand out! 

Week Seven: Video 101- Learn my 6-step process for creating original and trending short form videos aka REELS!  I walk you through my favourite video editing app, which will save you time and frustration- I promise.

Week 8:  Recap and repurpose your stellar content to get the most eyes on it as possible! (Summary of: TikTok, Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest) 


Instagram Feed Design, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Coach


"Before I started working with Ashley, I would never have my posts planned out in advance. I always felt lost, rushed, and frantic trying to come up with what to post. Nine times out of ten, I would head to Pinterest and screenshot something pretty and inspirational and call it a day. I wasn’t having conversations about my business with my followers and definitely wasn’t getting clients from Instagram."


“Now I post original, on-brand content that speaks directly to my ideal client. I’ve grown over 200+ quality followers, booked up my services, and even launched an online membership to serve my community! I LOVE posting daily and I get the best feedback! I feel like my value and knowledge of the industry really shine through my content ideas and I’m never left wondering- what do I post today? Ash has completely transformed my social media, customer journey, and my mindset. I am eternally grateful to her!”

-Marissa Sylvester, Holistic Nutritionist

Instagram Feed Design, Social Media Strategy, Instagram Coach, Social Media Help

Here's How it Works

Book a Discovery Call

This will allow me to learn what your specific goals are for Instagram and hear what’s currently working and what is not.


Schedule Your Coaching Calls

Because we are super organized and live by our calendars, am I right?


Become the Next Social Superstar!

We’ll meet weekly via Zoom to dive deep into our topics, review homework, and get results!

Ready to do this?

Sure, you could keep following experts who dish out the odd tip or hack, piece-mealing a strategy together that may or may not work this month…

Or you could decide that today’s the day you finally learn HOW Instagram will work for you to grow your business, (without paying a penny for ads, might I add!) 

★ Imagine never having to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. 

★ Imagine knowing What to post, When, and Why to attract your next client.

★ Imagine the feeling of booking that first sales call from Instagram!
★ Imagine the look on your competitors’ faces when they see how well you
     have curated a feed that is stunning and educational.

Meet Your Coach, Ashley Avis

I used to believe that if you build it, they will come. But I learned the hard way that you can build it, but if you don’t post about it with intention and strategy, nobody will even know it’s there. 


After getting an honours degree in Popular Culture, Communications and Film, and over 7+ years in Marketing and Sales Management in one of the most competitive industries in the country, I decided to give it a go and help other stressed-out female entrepreneurs finally master organic lead generation for their businesses. I believe that if we are truly good at what we do, have passion and hard work, we deserve to see growth and success with our businesses.

After three years, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs with their content creation and online marketing and have scaled my own business to six-figure revenue. I love doing this. I wouldn’t continue if I didn’t. Allow me to help you do the same!


  • How customized are these calls?

    • These coaching calls are the VIP of online learning! They are 100% customized to your goals and current skill set. We won’t waste time reviewing things about the app or content creation that you are confident in. We will spend most of our time deep-diving into the topics that you want support on! 

  • What if I need to miss a call or skip a week?

    • That’s all good. Sometimes a catch-up week is needed or a week off is required to accommodate the million other things on your plate. I get it. At the beginning of the 8 weeks, our calls are scheduled out. I ask for 24 hours' notice if a call needs to be rescheduled. We can either find a better time during the week or, add on an additional week to the end.

  • How many followers can I expect to grow in the 8-weeks?

    • Great question. My answer: I have no idea. I am not going to teach you how to grow a ton of followers overnight. Instead, I will teach you all of the techniques and strategies I use to get myself in front of my ideal client and make them want to follow and engage with me. Slow and gradual growth is realistic, but faster growth has happened in the past. I can guarantee one follow though, me!

  • How much homework will there be each week/how much time do I need to dedicate to this?

    • Our coaching calls will be one hour in length. I promise to assign less than an hour's worth of homework each week, totaling 2 hours per week to master Instagram. Some weeks will be less than others and homework will always be reviewed in the following coaching session.


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So, are you ready to book out your calendar using Instagram?

If you want a consistent flow of inquiries coming in from Instagram, and to stop feeling lost, frantic and stressed then help is just a click away.

Were you looking for something a little less DIY and more DFY?

Check out my Content Management Packages.

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