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Back to Basics Instagram Series Part Five: Boosting Engagement

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Welcome back to The Ashley Avis Podcast's Back to Basics Instagram Series! I'm your host, Ashley Avis, and today, we're diving into the heart of Instagram strategy. If you're an entrepreneur or starting a small business, this is your go-to podcast for mastering the art of organic online marketing to attract more clients.

Ashley Avis, Social MEdia MAnager and Web Designer leaving work with a smile and her laptop in hand

This is Part 5 of our 6-part series, where we're simplifying Instagram and making it work for you. In my previous episode, I talked about crafting a stunning feed that captures attention. If you missed it, be sure to catch up! LISTEN HERE

Now, let's get into today's topic: Engagement Strategy!

Before we dive in, don't forget to grab your FREE PDF Workbook designed specifically for this series by CLICKING HERE.

Engagement Strategy

So, what exactly is engagement? Well, it's those likes, comments, shares, and all the interactions that make your Instagram world go 'round. Why do we need it? It's not just about vanity metrics; it's about algorithms, building a community, and forming genuine connections with your audience.

Now, here's the real talk: You might come across various engagement strategies out there, but as entrepreneurs, we have to be discerning. There are a few things I don't recommend:

What Not to Do To Boost Engagement:

- Engagement Pods: These artificial groups where people exchange likes and comments can be counterproductive in the long run.

- Paying for Engagement: Buying likes or followers might give you a short-term boost, but it won't build an authentic community.

- Boosting Posts for Engagement: Throwing money at boosting posts just to get more engagement may not yield the results you're after.

For a detailed list of what I'd avoid to boost engagement, make sure to download the workbook by CLICKING HERE.

Social Media Boundaries

Now, let's talk about setting boundaries. You don't need to dedicate hours to engagement like some influencers do. In just 15 minutes a day, you can make a meaningful impact. Here's what I do in that 15 minutes:

- Have a Call to Action (CTA): Encourage your audience to take action on your posts.

- Use Engagement Stickers in Stories: Polls, questions, and other stickers create interactive stories.

- Respond: Engage with your followers. Acknowledge their comments and messages.

- Ask Questions: Visit your followers' posts and leave thoughtful comments or questions.

Remember, the rules of engagement are simple: Be genuine, be authentic, and create meaningful connections.

Wrapping Up Engagement Strategy To recap, while there are numerous strategies out there, I believe that 15 minutes of genuine engagement a day can make a significant difference in growing your business on Instagram.

Join me in the next episode, Part 6, where I'll be answering all of your frequently asked questions about Instagram and providing a comprehensive recap of this series. If you've enjoyed this series, please consider leaving a review or sharing it with your friends. I'd love to hear from you on Instagram too! Follow along @ashleyavisco.

Until next time, remember, you've got this!

Ashley Avis Social Media Manager, Content Creator Web Designer, Jurassic Park Fan


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