If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would have a thriving business helping entrepreneurs market and sell with confidence online, I would have laughed in your face for two reasons. 

1. Because I was 100% confident that my purpose on this planet was to raise my kids and teach private yoga classes on the side which, I might add, I was pretty darn good at.

2. I was not confident what-so-ever with online marketing.

So what happened between
then and now?


WARNING: If you hang around me long enough, you will end up starting your own business.

I had been living what was once my dream of mothering two children and teaching yoga part-time, but would have never predicted that it would come with a nagging voice inside saying, "you are meant for more."

I thought the best way to silence this voice was to teach more yoga. I made it my mission to fill more classes but I got halted almost as soon as I started. Nobody showed up to my new classes. 

I needed to figure out a way to market my classes better, and because I didn't have a budget for advertising, it was going to need to be for free.

I started using all my free time educating myself, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, taking every free webinar the online marketing experts were pumping out just to figure out how to fill my yoga classes. I was so desperate for this to work, that I started taking my yoga profits (which were not very much) and invested them into digital courses to figure out a marketing strategy that felt authentic to me and, most importantly, got people in the studio.


"Ashley takes the time to explain things simply and she always has a positive attitude.  She sincerely cares about helping you take your business to the next level. I highly recommend her for all your marketing needs!"


-Tanya Belanger
MCT Life


Over time, after trying, failing, and trying again, my efforts started to pay off. I was teaching more than ever and classes were selling out! I was getting more and more confident marketing and selling my yoga- especially on Instagram and Facebook. 


Now, I loved teaching yoga, and I loved the community I had built and I was starting to feel more like myself,  but something was still not feeling 100% right. That voice was back, and it was too loud to ignore. You are meant for more.

Then one day, a friend with her own small business asked me for some advice. Eager to share my learnings about my online marketing strategy, I instantly felt that beam of excitement and passion inside. That excitement multiplied once I saw the results she got using my advice!

And there it was – my answer! 

I can help other business owners who struggle with online marketing and sales to set up a strategy that feels authentic and works for them just like I did!

Of course, I was initially hit with huge imposter syndrome- "who am I to teach marketing strategy?" But I started anyway because I had a new goal: to help talented and skillful women like me, market themselves online in a way that positively impacts their business and feels authentic to them.

I started Ashley Avis Marketing in January of 2020 and have not looked back. And that voice inside? It's gone.


If you are still reading this, I guess what I hope for you is that if you are hearing a voice inside that says "you are meant for more," I want to tell you not to ignore it, because it won't go away. It will get louder and louder and translate into anxiety or even depression. 

To this day, I have an amazing creative outlet, a career that lights me up and gets me excited about life! 

If you're curious about how I can help you, I'd be thrilled to connect and chat. 


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