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I'll be honest, starting my own marketing business was never a part of my plan. After years of studying and teaching yoga across Niagara, I had decided to open my own business. I dove in head first to entrepreneurship and became obsessed with all things marketing. Soon my classes were full, I had hit my goal and peers starting ask me for marketing advice!

I truly believe that we all need to follow our passions. Helping you make more money doing that thing you're obsessed with is totally my jam. I literally look forward to seeing my clients win and busting out the happy dance! Do you need that friend in your corner cheering you on?


When I first started marketing my yoga business, I had a goal to use social media to fill my classes. Free, Simple advertising. I quickly learned: It's not that easy.

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Once Upon a Time...

I graduated from Brock U. with an honours degree in Communications. I took those skills and landed a corporate job. I quickly started climbing the ladder into management roles in sales and marketing in a pretty competitive industry.

The thing is, with most corporate jobs your 9-5 starts turning into a 9-6 or in my case a 9-7. After 8 years with the same company, I felt like I had earned some time off which perfectly aligned with getting pregnant and having my first child Harrison.

Maybe I enjoyed my time at home a little too much because after that year at home with my babe, I had decided that I was not going back to my job. Instead I was going to take my experience in marketing and apply it to my own yoga business. 

"Ashley is very quick to respond and she can literally turn a vision into reality! She has helped me add so much value to my offers while at the same time helping me simplify, automate and clearly communicate everything I have to offer to my ideal client. My business and following continue to grow daily. She has literally changed the way I do business to better serve my people! I am forever grateful and will continue working with Ashley indefinitely."


Happily Ever After...

These days, I spend more time doing the things I love with the people I love. I think that can be a reality for you too. 


If you're curious to see if working with me would be a good fit for your business, let's have a chat and see how it goes. 

Worst case scenario? We end up super caffeinated with a new person to call friend.

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