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Ep 19: How to Keep Your Cup Full of Creative Juices with Kayla Marie

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Tell me this: Are you a maker and absolutely HATE running out of inspiration or creativity? Are you tired of your work blending in with the competition?? Then you’re going to want to listen to this episode I recorded with my friend Kayla Marie from Kayla Marie Ceramics.

Kayla has a process that will leave you knowing how to never run out of creative ideas, that lets you free to try new things and stand out in a world of trends and imitators.

Listen Now by hitting PLAY below!

I loved when Kayla shared her 3 tips to stay in the creative process or to learn how to be creative.

1. Every single day, at the end of the workday, leave yourself with something that has to be finished the next day. That way the next morning you are not sitting there wondering what you should do next. Finishing that last project is like your warm-up for the day.

2. Creativity doesn’t mean you need to create something totally new. Look at something you are already making and ask “What’s one small change I can make to this to make it something new?”

3. Learn how to edit your work, and learn how to not be so precious with each piece you make. Develop your own quality standards and learn how to scrap a piece at any stage of the process. This can be hard, but the more you do it, the less pressure you feel to make something ‘good’ every time, and you will be freer to just try something new and creative.

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