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Ashley Avis, Niagara's Best Web Designer, Social Media Coach, and Content Creator, looking very excited while holding a cell phone

Let’s Make Online Marketing Simple! 

Ashley Avis Marketing is here to help ambitious female entrepreneurs book out their calendars with dream clients in a streamlined and effective way!

You’re tired of googling the algorithm, figuring out content ideas, and wondering how to actually book clients from social media.

You’re also sick of paying for ads that lead nowhere, troubleshooting tech, and wondering how everyone else makes this look so easy!

When you started your business, you didn’t think you were going to have to become a marketing expert did you? You knew that you were going to need social media accounts, a website and maybe even a work email address. But did you know how time-consuming and frustrating it would be to actually get them up, running and attracting clients to your business? (Side Note: I didn’t either when I started my first business.) Rest assured, you are in the right place and I am now in your corner to help you take your current marketing mess and turn it into a streamlined client-making machine that isn’t a time-suck.

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Clarify Your Messaging
Clarifying your message will help you get specific, differentiate yourself from your competition, and ensure you are attracting the right clients in the first place.
Create a Customer Journey
Making sure that there is a clear and simple way for people book with you is important. The easier it is, the more bookings you will get, trust me. Creating a simple system will save you time and help you book up your calendar!
Be Consistent
Don't stop showing up and being you. Whether that's in your social media content or email list, stay consistent so that you can build trust. Remember, big business is not built overnight.  You got this, 

"Ashley Avis came into my life -and my business- at exactly the right time. I originally hired her as a consultant to support me in creating an effective social media strategy but quickly learned that her knowledge base and know-how far exceeded the realms of Instagram marketing. She has since become a mentor, supporting and guiding me across all facets of my business from social media, to product development and marketing. She is incredibly well-read, understands market trends, and has really helped to organize and streamline my marketing goals as a busy entrepreneur. I'm grateful to have partnered with Ashley."



-Natalie Cooper,
Mind Your Own Life

Natalie Cooper, Mind Your Own Life Podcast

Life is complicated enough already. Your marketing doesn't have to be.

I know you are wearing a lot of hats throughout the day - mom, partner, entrepreneur, etc. - and it can feel draining. I want to tell you right now - it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to want to do better and make more money. It’s okay if you no longer want to do this on your own. Wouldn’t it feel great to have someone who cares just as much about the growth of your business as you do? This is where I come in.

Ashley Avis , Niagara Web Designer, Social Media Manager, Toronto, ON

How Can I Help You?

The Ashley Avis Offer Suite

Social Media Coaching: Let’s work together in my signature 8-week coaching program that will turn you into a Social Superstar!

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Content Management You’ve tried DIY. You’re ready for DFY. My premium packages offer content strategy, creation, and scheduling so you can take a step back and focus on what's truly important, your business. 

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Instagram is my favourite.

Web Design with Ashley Having a strategic website that serves your business is so important to your overall marketing strategy. But, not being able to update, edit or make changes to that site can be a drag. 

I design websites for my clients that are simple and strategic, and offer educational off-boarding packages including training tutorials on how to use, edit and make changes to your site as your business grows!

Ashley Avis Marketing, Web Designer, Branding, Online Membership Developer,

Need marketing advice on-the-go?

The Ashley Avis Podcast is your place to listen in on discussions about branding, social media strategy, web design, email marketing, sales mastery and so much more!

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What People Are Saying...

Ashley Avis Review of Social Media Coaching from Marissa Sylvester
Ashley Avis Coaching Review, from Katie Koutnik, positive review


I believe that social media is full of opportunity for the small business owner, but trust me, there were times when I didn't always believe that.

After getting an honours degree in Popular Culture, Communications and Film, and over 7+ years in Marketing and Sales Management in one of the most competitive industries in the country, I decided to give it a go and help other stressed-out female entrepreneurs finally master organic lead generation for their businesses. I believe that if we are truly good at what we do, have passion and hard work, we deserve to see growth and success with our businesses.

After three years, I have helped over 140 female entrepreneurs with their content creation and online marketing and have scaled my own business to six-figure revenue. I love doing this. I wouldn’t continue if I didn’t. Allow me to help you do the same!

Ashley Avis, Social Media Manager, Headshot, Niagara Region
Ashley Avis, Niagara Social Media Coach, Web Designer, Online Marketer

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Be in the know every time I drop a new podcast episode, create a new marketing guide, share proven marketing tips, or launch new marketing trainings and courses!

Instagram is my favourite...

Wondering what our best option is for working together?  Book a 30-minute call!

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