I'm Ashley

Do you need to makeover your online presence? Do you need help with social media content, web design or email marketing? And are you looking for authentic ways to stand out and find your people?

Then you are in the right spot! I'm Ashley, and when I'm not playing with the kids, teaching yoga or having wine with some friends, you can find me talking  marketing strategy with my clients; coffee in one hand, camera in the other.
Let's face it, life is too short to waste on efforts that do not lead us towards that big happy dream. If you are ready to fast track your business success and launch a marketing plan that works, then we need to chat! 


Join my 5 Day Engagement Boosting Challenge!

Hearing crickets? Building engagement aka likes, comments, tags, shares, saves and DMs on Instagram and Facebook are key to increasing your reach aka how many people see your posts. If you want to know how to show that algorithm who's boss...


Branding Kits

Let’s choose the colours, fonts, but more important, the stories that tell the world all about you!

Social Media

It’s time to saturate your feed with intention, strategy and authenticity.
Say Cheese!

Web Design

Designing simple, purposeful websites that build your business is my fav!

Email Marketing

Grow - Nurture - Sell
Let’s make that email list your money maker! 

"The amount of time everything came together reaffirms that reaching out to Ashley was the right thing to do... it would’ve taken me months if not years to get this all set up on my own!"


Not Sure Where to Start?

When you book a consultation with me, the first thing we chat about is your baby aka your business. I want to hear all about your big dreams and goals.
From there, I explain my marketing method and how we can set up a framework based on an ad-free strategy to attract your ideal customers or clients.

Here's the thing, I believe in real, authentic growth. Yes, I have delivered some pretty quick wins to my clients, but I am looking for those who are in this for the long haul. If you are ready to do the work now that sets up your business for success, then book a consultation with me. Click Below!


"Working with Ashley was such a pleasure! She helped me create and launch my new website and social media, which was a fun experience!  Ashley is knowledgeable, very efficient, helpful and easy-going. She takes the time to explain things simply and she always has a positive attitude.  Ashley sincerely cares about helping you take your business to the next level. I highly recommend her for all your marketing needs!"


A Little more             ...


"I have so much gratitude for Ashley! She was able to get me right away! She knew exactly what it is that I wanted. It was like she was inside my head!  When you work with her, you are not just signing up for marketing, you are gaining a key person to your business that cares as much as you do! Her ability to care so much for her work, with so much love and patience makes her extraordinary like no other! You truly gain a life long friend! 

Thank you Ashley!" 



Let's Chat!

Ashley Avis,
Social Media/ Email Marketing Consultant
Web Design


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