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Ep: 18 Get Testimonials that Sell

Updated: Jul 4

Testimonials are reviews, quotes, and opinions of your current or past customers or clients. Great testimonials can help you to build trust, help build your authority and credibility, set you apart from competitors and my favourite, can create some crazy FOMO (Fear of Missing Out.)

In this episode of The Ashley Avis Podcast, I answer all of the burning questions I get asked about Testimonials such as:

-What are testimonials/ what counts as a testimonial? -Why do you need them?

-How do we get them/ what are the best practices to collect them? -Why is asking for a "testimonial" a bad idea? -When is it appropriate to ask for a review? -Where do you share them once you have them? GET MY GUIDE: How to Collect TESTIMONIALS THAT SELL In this guide I break down my criteria for determining if a testimonial/review is going to help your business or hurt it, plus get my exact email templates I use to collect testimonials that are specific, relevant and going to help you convert your readers into customers or clients! GET IT HERE.

If you want more tips like this to help you market and sell with confidence, OR, if you want to be the first to know whenever I publish a new podcast with an expert guest- JOIN MY INSIDERS CLUB

You Got This!

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