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Ep 1: FIVE Reasons Email Marketing is a MUST from Day One

Updated: Jul 4

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In this episode, I cover the importance of email marketing from Day One of starting your own business so that you can set your business up for future success, sustainability and sales. Be sure to listen to the episode in order to hear all my thoughts on the the 5 reasons email marketing is a must from day one: Reason Number 1: You Own Your List, but you don’t own your followers, so stop putting all of your eggs into a social media basket.

Reason Number 2: Email marketing is algorithm proof. Subscribers will either see your email and delete it or see your email and open it, either way, they see your email.

Reason Number 3: Email marketing is something that can be automated, and that means it will save you time and there will be less to remember.

Reason Number 4: Writing email copy is actually easier than you think! For me, its often easier than coming up with social media content!

Reason Number 5: Emails sell. Your warmest leads are your subscribers, and if you serve them well, they will turn into your biggest fans and be the first to say yes when you pitch an offer.

Tip Of the Week: Let’s not do anything illegal! When growing your email list, people need to opt-in AND have the ability to opt-out. This is why using Gmail is not an acceptable solution for getting started. Having an email service provider that makes it easy for you to have people opt-in and in turn has the option for people to opt out (usually at the very bottom of an email in the tiniest font possible).

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Kendra Lee
Kendra Lee
May 25, 2021

Girl I can't wait for next Tuesday! <3

Ashley Avis
Ashley Avis
May 29, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Girl! It will be a longer episode with a special guest!

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