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Ep: 20 How to Get a Steady Stream of Leads to Your Business

Updated: Jul 4

Today- I want to zoom out a little bit and talk to you today about the big picture of what I like to refer to as “The Ashley Avis Method.” I call it that simply because it's the method I use to market myself and my clients. I feel like once I figured out all the pieces to my method, I had a huge ah-ha moment. AND I instantly wished there was someone out there that would have just told me, this is what you need to do in order to get the result you want- a steady stream of leads to my business.

Let’s quickly talk about the results you can get with this method:

  1. You are going to start feeling like you're showing up more authentically online. AKA showing up online is going to feel a lot easier.

  2. You are going to start gaining quality followers- but not overnight. In terms of social media, you will have a slow and steady growth of quality followers who are actually interested in what you are offering. So if you are looking to explode and grow 10,000 followers overnight- try a different method.

  3. You are going to get more clicks to your website.

  4. Most important, you are going to get more quality leads to your businesses, AND converting those leads into customers or clients is going to be SO FREAKIN EASY!

  5. You are going to have a sense of confidence in that you are not “winging it’ when it comes to marketing your business. If you follow this method, you will feel like you know why you are doing what you're doing in order to serve your business.

So I’m going to tell you today on this episode what I wish someone told me 5 years ago. I'm going to explain the 4 important pillars of the Ashley Avis Method to market your business online.

NOTE: my method is flexible. It works for many different kinds of businesses especially service providers.

Are you ready? Listen Now!

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