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Ep 16: HOW to Get Started with Email Marketing

Updated: Jul 4

Back in Episode 01, I went on and on about WHY you need to start email marketing. Today, I'm talking all about HOW email marketing works!

Step One: Collect names and email addresses from those who have agreed and opt-ed in to your list. My favourite way to do this is to trade people for their email address for something of value like a guide, checklist, discount code etc.

Step Two: Plop these newbies into a Welcome Sequence.

Why? To make sure that these new subscribers get to Know you, Like you and Trust you BEFORE you sell to them via email.

My 3 part Welcome Sequence Email One: Say Thank You. Give subscribers an idea of what to expect in terms of how often you are going to be sending emails and what these emails will include. And let subscribers know that these emails are a two-way street aka they can always hit reply if they have any questions or want to chime in to the conversation.

Email Two: 1-2 days later, send them your story. Ex: your original story, your why, your values. Adding in a story like this will make sure that people really understand where you are coming from and they can relate to us and feel connection. Then, Serve one more time by pointing people to other great content that may help them, ex: Top 3 Most popular blog posts.

Email Three: 2-3 days later, I send this final email. Serve them one more time- with some amazing inspiration. Maybe a inspiring quote, a client story or personal story that you know can help inspire somebody else too. Here's where you can include a mini-pitch ex: a button that heads to your bookings page, sales page, shop page.

After all three emails...

Step Three: Plop this subscriber onto your main email list now! They are primed and ready for everything you offer. Be consistent. (Ideas for these emails are in the podcast.)

TIPS for Writing Emails People Want to Read:

-Add Value to your emails. Is there something in this email that would help my ideal client/customer?

-Keep the emails short. -Make your email skim-able by bolding the really important pieces -When in doubt, use bullet points

-Have a Call to Action in every email! Tell people what to do after they read.

-Write them in your own voice

AND if you are still reading these shownotes, here's the best part...

My Favourite Email Service provider is FLODESK!

You can easily set up lead forms, welcome sequences and so much more using Flodesk.

Want to save 50% Off your subscription? Use promo code ASHLEYAVIS

BONUS! Watch my How-to tutorial HERE that shows you step-by-step how to set up your Flodesk account and automate your first email!

P.S. If you want more tips like this to help you market and sell with confidence, OR, if you want to be the first to know whenever I publish a new podcast with an expert guest- JOIN MY INSIDERS CLUB




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