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Ep 7: How to Use Your Personality to Stand Out Online!

Updated: Jul 4

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You don't want to spend all kinds of time creating a brand and then being indistinguishable from your competitors right? Didn't think so. My easy solution? Inject some authentic personality into your brand: Because nobody can do You like You can.

In this episode, I cover 6 different ways to add personality to your brand to help you stand out, be more relatable, let others get to know you and create a strong connection with your community. If you are listening on the go and want to take notes: I got you. Here is the downloadable PDF with the 6 Steps so that you can have them for later: CLICK BELOW.

6 Ways to Add Personality to your Brand
Download PDF • 307KB

Tip of the Week: When adding more personality to your brand, it can help a lot to Make your profile photo your headshot (instead of your logo)! People will start to get to know you, and the first thing they will want to see if your face so put it right there for them to find! Make sure that the headshot is current, bright, has eye contact and there is nothing distracting in the background. If you're a fan of profile pictures being headshots let me know by shooting me a DM on Instagram and check out my profile pic while you’re at it.

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