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Ep 6: The Right Way to Sell on Instagram with Lauren Chamberlain

Updated: Jul 4

Networking Marketing and Social Selling has gotten a pretty bad rep over the years and my guest today has had enough! For those of you who are network marketers or have purchased from them, you’ll want to listen to the major advice in this episode presented by my friend Lauren Chamberlain.

Lauren is a strong promoter of authentic social selling, attraction marketing, and has 100% aligned herself against the dreaded “Hey-Girl” messaging.

If you are using social media right now to find leads for your business, and it feels icky, or something just doesn't feel right to you- then I can’t wait for you to hear what Lauren says you should do instead!

Tip of the Week: If you wouldn't say it in real life- don't say it in a comment/or DM. As you are engaging on social media, try this: pretend everyone who posted today was in a room with you. What would you actually say to them in real life about the topic or conversation they were trying to start? The more genuine you can be on social with your comments/DMS, the more real and authentic the space becomes and the more likely you are to generate real conversations and connections. If you'd like to connect with today's guest click below! Connect with Lauren: Instagram: @alwayslaurenchamberlain Website:

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