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EP 45: How to Plan Your First Launch on Social Media

Updated: Jul 4

"Launching" can be this confusing buzzword experts throw around a lot that sounds pretty complicated, especially if you have never launched before, or even know what a launch really is.

Today on the show, I explain what a launch is, the benefits of talking about your offer over a longer period of time on social media, and how to do it! I break down my 7-Day launch plan that I use for Instagram and Facebook to get more eyes on my offer and to help people make a decision on whether or not to buy. Listen now!

Do you like tips like this? Are you looking to convert more of your followers to actual clients? Using apps like Instagram to grow your business is my jam, in fact, I offer key marketing services helping entrepreneurs just like you do just that- make more money!LEARN MORE HERE

Until next Tuesday, You Got This! Ashley Podcast Host

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