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EP 31: The Secret to 10K Months

Updated: Jul 4

I've worked with clients who I’ve helped generate a lot of leads to their business, leads meaning potential clients, interested in their business or services.

And I recognized quickly that some of my clients had no idea what to do with these leads as soon as they came in.

What do you do once someone inquires about your business? Do you:

  1. Send them an email/text/DM with your prices?

  2. Send over a pretty pdf with your deliverables, package details and the cost?

  3. Send the link to your book/buy now button?

These options may be okay for now, especially if you sell smaller ticketed offers, like under $100.

But, if you are looking for a solution to: -sell higher ticketed offers

-and more of them, then this episode is for you.

Today, I am going to be teaching you all about SALE CALLS. -WAIT! Before you click away because you are terrified of the idea of selling on the phone, zoom or in-real-life- WHAT?!?! Let me preface this by saying-

It works. Sales Calls are how I have been able to build my business to generate over 10k months.

They have allowed me to build relationships and choose my clientele.

They have allowed me to truly understand what the struggles, needs, and desires are of my clients- in their words! They have provided me with such good feedback. And I wouldn’t have landed a single client without sales calls.

SIGNS you are ready to include sales calls into your sales flow: -You are going back in forth in email and DMS a lot

-You aren't reaching your sales goals

-You’re thinking- if I could just get this person on the phone for a sec, they would understand me better, or I would understand them better.

Examples of professions that include sales calls:


-car salespeople

-interior designers

-social media managers

-personal trainers


-energy healers -and more!

You may be thinking: I'm not brave enough, OR confident enough, or you have fear. Maybe you think your ideal client won't want to pick up the phone or hop on a call. Maybe you think you're bad at sales.

All are limiting beliefs. Not true. Here are THREE TIPS to get you started:

TIP 1: Approach the calls with ZERO pressure. It's just a conversation with someone who wants to share more about themselves and learn more about you. Pretend what you are getting out of this is friendship.

TIP 2: Give Value! Have a plan to teach them something small on the phone. Ex: in my 30 min calls I teach 1-2 tips that my clients can implement themselves to get results BEFORE I even tell them how I can help them. Offer the free value on the call.

TIP 3: Have an outline in front of you! Include things like background information, questions you would like to ask, and your package details and prices. This way you can communicate with confidence.

My Favourite Booking App? Calendly. Check it out HERE.

Was this helpful? Did I open your

mind to the potential of adding in Sales Calls to your sales flow? If I did, you may want to pop into my Insiders Club. I'm developing some free resources right now that you are definitely going to want if this episode spoke to you in any way.

Until Next Tuesday,

You Got This! Ashley Avis Content Manager, Webdesigner Podcast Host Fun-Mom who eats dessert first #salesmastery #salescalls #salesflow


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