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Ep: 30 Everything you Need to Know About Niching Down with Lauren Chamberlain

Updated: Jul 4

If you are an entrepreneur or social seller who wanted to learn about how to niche down or target a specific audience, then this episode has your name on it- no wait- it actually has my name on it AND my expert guest, Lauren Chamberlain! You may have heard of her from Episode 6: The Right Way to Sell on Instagram, and she is back again to go one step further and share her insights on how to use Instagram to get results for your business!

Below is some additional Q+A from Lauren, She is such a gem, and I appreciate her so much! Q: Define niching down and WHY we should do it for our business:

A: Niching down is simply narrowing your focus on what specific problem you solve for your audience. We typically want to do this for our businesses because it allows us to tailor our marketing to create tight-knit communities, impactful culture, and stand out in the noisy world of social media.

Q: How do you know you’ve niched down enough?

A: If you're having the kind of conversations with the kind of people that you want to have inside the direct messages, discovery calls, comments section, etc. When you are seeing those relationships being built, your authority/natural influence being established, and you're enjoying what you are doing-- you're gold. Q: How do you niche down?

A: It first starts with YOU. What problem is that one person that you want to serve out there experiencing, and WHY do you want to help them solve this big problem? What one topic are you passionate about that lights you up inside to talk about? From there you then break up that one main message and problem that you solve in to your content pillars that will help support and give your audience results.

EX: I help modern network marketers and social sellers build their businesses using organic content and social media marketing strategies. My content pillars are:

Instagram strategy because this is the playing field and where they are building out their content funnel. They've got to understand the X's and O's. Personal Branding because it is ESSENTIAL for network marketers to stand out amongst the rest when talking about their products in order to attract leads into their funnel.

MLM Positivity/ Inspirational because confidence in what you are doing is going to keep you going when you're wading through the murky waters of consistency, experiencing imposter syndrome, etc.

Content Creation and Copywriting because if you want to GUIDE your leads to take action and ask you about your products or business opportunity-- this is where it's at.

Authentic and Natural Sales Processes to help unlearn old tactics or develop skills that will make you feel good when closing your sales conversations. Q: After we’ve niched down, how do we share other parts of ourselves on the app?

A: My favorite part about Instagram, in general, is that you can niche completely down and still be able to share all the multifaceted parts of you. My rule of thumb is to keep your feed very rooted in your content pillars. This is mainly because my job is to help you turn your account into a lead generation machine for your business and the content you post in your feed is what reaches your cold market and grows your account. If you have random hobbies you love, or want to share your favorite recipes or anything else that is not niche related-- go live on stories within your community or post directly to your Instagram stories and share. This is where your warm market is hanging out at and trust is built. And this is where people usually point out the JK5 and that you need to rotate through topics that include things about you and topics you love to share and while I love JK because she is the real OG, it's a strategy that is great to start with but is a little outdated when looking at it from a lead generation perspective. The entire intention of the JK5 was to build a connection with your audience which is essential but the playing field was different then. Stories had JUST come out ( people didn't really know how to use them ) and the feed was the ONLY thing accounts had available to them to go through the entire buyer journey... now based on user behavior and all the over features available, the approach needs to be different IF you want to have a better converting Instagram sales funnel.

Q: What kind of results can you expect after niching down and after what amount of time?

A: I always say that most people will notice a difference in three months, and usually someone in your audience will tell you that they love what you are doing and have seen a change. At six months you're starting to have regular conversations centered around that big problem that you can solve for you audience. At nine to twelve months your content funnel is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you, and the consistency you have put the effort into is now helping you attract more leads at an easier level then when just starting out.

Can it happen to you faster? Absolutely but it depends on how often you post and how active you are on the platform.

Q: I’d love to know a little more about your content schedule using different parts of the apps and how you run a business AND stay on top of content creation.

A: To be honest I'm currently in a transitional phase looking forward to 2022 and what that will look like. The Instagram trend report just came out and the new features that the platform are incorporating will change user behavior and how we need to navigate the platform in order to make our time spent on it marketing our businesses as effectively as possible. ( That was a really long and weird sentence but I'm going with it lol)

The key to keeping up with wearing a million hats AND being the sole content creator and marketing department in your business is to lean into the style of content that you LOVE, and be okay with a sustainable pace-- whatever that looks like for you during whatever season you are in.

Thank YOU so much Lauren for being on the show and teaching us all about what it takes to Niche Down! Lauren's Details:

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