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Episode 88: Does Posting More REELS Help You go Viral?

Updated: 5 days ago

Some marketers say that posting 2 videos a day is crucial to account growth, going viral, and boosting engagement. (I don't typically enjoy marketing strategies like that.) Other marketers say that adding trending audio is the only way to get reach on your videos. So, over the last 14 days I did an experiment on Instagram.


I posted 2 REELS a day (Monday-Friday) and one per day on Saturday and Sunday.


Most of the REELS used Trending Audio. (That's the audio that has the little white arrow beside it pointing up.)


Now, all of my REELS included messaging that was aligned with my brand pillars, and included my brands messaging. I didn't want to just pump out a bunch of random REELS. They all had to be on brand.


My goal for the experiment was to see what would happen to my account if I started posting to my MAX. Again, some marketers say that posting 2x a day is crucial to account growth, going viral, and boosting engagement, so, what happened?

Ashley from Ashley Avis Marketing holding a cell phone and looking up

Ready for my results? Here they are: 


I didn't go viral. 


REACH: When it came to how many accounts I reached, I did have way more people seeing my content over the 14 days, but there were no “Top Performers” with above average views. Conclusion: If you want to increase your reach, you can, just pump out more content. Don't worry about ONE video going viral, focus on the total views for the week. 

Example: If your average views for your REELS are 500, and you want to reach 3000 people this week, post 6 REELS. Easy math- love it. 


Did I Reach Non-Followers? 83.8% of my views came from non followers. This is great if I was looking to build my brand's awareness and get more followers. If I was trying to reach my current followers to nurture them or sell to them- then chances are they didn't see much of my content over the last 2 weeks.


So, big question: Did I get followers? The answer: I gained 20 new followers and lost 30, so overall, I lost 10 total during this experiment. And I'm okay with that. Because 20 new followers in two weeks is great growth…but…was it worth the effort to create that much content?


Was It Worth It? If my goal was ONLY to grow a following, to me, the answer would be YES, and I would be continuing to create 2 posts per day. But, getting followers is NOT my only goal. I also need to CONVERT my followers, which means that a lot of my time needs to be spread between: Creating valuable content, having conversations in my DMs, Booking Sales Calls, Running Sales Calls, following up with leads, onboarding new clients, serving current clients, chatting about referrals, sending emails, and running my business. 


If you're like me, you also have a business to run and can't spend hours upon hours pumping out content just to grow a following. 

Ashley from Ashley Avis Marketing holding a cell phone

Oh hey- Want some help with your next 9 posts? I created a FREE PDF that includes the caption prompts and Canva templates for my top performing social media posts! And you can get it now!

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