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EP 85: How to Hire a Web Designer that Will Get You the Site you NEED for Your Business

Updated: 5 days ago

Are you ready for a website but lack the time, money, or know-how to do it yourself? You're in luck because this episode provides all the essential steps for finding the right web designer. 

Today’s episode will cover 6 questions to ask your Web Designer before signing that contract. 

  • Questions to Ask Potential Web Designers:

  • What host do you work with?

  • Are they a marketer?

  • How much do they rely on AI for copywriting?

  • Do they understand SEO and how can they help optimize your site?

  • Can they assist with branding?

  • Do they understand the ultimate goal of your website?

  • Warning Signs of poor Web Designer: 

  • Lack of transparency regarding hosting.

  • Inability to integrate marketing strategies into design.

  • Overreliance on AI for copywriting.

  • Ignorance or dismissal of SEO importance.

  • Inability to align with your branding vision.

  • Failure to grasp the website's ultimate purpose.

Finding the right web designer involves asking specific questions to ensure they align with your goals and vision. Don't hesitate to seek clarity and transparency throughout the hiring process.

Do you have any questions about YOUR website? I would love to hear from you! 

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