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EP 87: Girl, Where did you get those sales skills?

Updated: Apr 17

Confidence in Sales Skills can make the life of entrepreneurs much easier when making offers to potential clients. These skills are not natural, and they are learned. I have spent decades in diverse sales roles that has enabled me to feel confident when launching offers. 

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Why are Sales Skills important?

  • They will make you feel more comfortable on a discovery or sales call

  • They will help you develop HOW to sell. How to turn a potential lead into a paying customer 

In today’s episode I want to share the story of my entrepreneur journey, from the perspective of my sales positions. In almost every single job I have had since University there has been a sales component. 

Here's a few jobs that taught me everything I knew about selling before I started my own business:

Job One: Retail (clothing company)- Help with putting together outfits + SELL more clothes 

Job Two: Commission on Clifton Hill (Niagara Falls Ontario)- UPSELLING fun packages

Job Three: Nutrition Company (Customer service- no selling). I was MISSING my sales job!

Job Four: Sales Manager at a local Gym- Find leads, and SELL them memberships.

All of these jobs have given me the skills I need be a successful seller as an entrepreneurship, and I give details and tips in the full podcast episodes!

What should you do to learn these sales skills? 

  • Observe how sales people in similar settings use skills to help you make a buying decision. 

  • Pay attention to how these sales people make you feel

  • Apply these skills to what you sell

Are you interested in building your sales skills together? Send me a message on Instagram @Ashleyavisco to get more information about my sales mastery coaching program

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