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EP 84: How to HOOK People into Your Content

Updated: 2 days ago

Do you ever wonder why your content falls flat? You create all the best content, and it does not grow. If others are making these great videos or content why can’t I? 

What is that one thing that might be missing?

You need a good HOOK!

What is a hook?

  • A hook is a line or a phrase designed to grab attention and prevent scrolling past content.

  • They are essential in the first few seconds of a video or the initial sentence of a caption.

  • Hooks can be used on social media on Instagram cover photos, reel introductions or carousel posts 

Why are hooks important? 

  • Hooks are instrumental in driving audience engagement and should be strategically incorporated into social media content.

  • Understanding the audience's pain points and desires is crucial for crafting compelling hooks.

  • Experimenting with various hook styles and observing audience response can help  you refine content strategy

Ashley Avis, recording The Ashley Avis Podcast

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • How can you find inspiration for hooks everyday? Look for hooks in your email subject lines and magazine headlines

  • Understanding the pain points and struggles of your target audience to create compelling hooks

  • How to craft hooks that resonate with your audience 

  • I share nine hook examples taken from Google. Examples in today’s episode are: “Watch till the end!” “I need your help…” “I’ve got a secret”

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