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The best solution for busy entrepreneurs who want to outsource social media to someone who can grow their business!

If you are looking for someone to take the stress of social media strategy, content creation and scheduling off of your plate- I’m your girl.

If you want to look good online and start attracting more clients in a simple, efficient way, then let’s do it!

Oh, P.S. I also help with email marketing too!

Ashley Avis, Social Media Coach, Instagram Design, Content Manager

Are you tired of figuring out what to post everyday? Are you worried that your clients are headed to the competition simply because their social media game is better? Do you want to stop posting sub-par content that isn’t really impacting your business?


Start attracting new leads to your business by creating a
social media strategy that works!

Save time by creating quality content (posts, videos, blogs, emails)
that makes you look great online!


Increase your reach, engagement and following to build
better relationships with your current followers!


Create an email list and marketing plan
that will help you further your connection with your followers and
keep you in touch with them just incase social media disappears!

I understand how tough it is to figure out the ever-changing world of social media. Other people make it look so easy right? But there is so much to figure out- graphic design, photography, videos, trends, algorithms, links, etc. Who has time to Google all of that?!

Well, I do! And I LOVE doing it! Ever since I stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship, I’ve been obsessed with organic online marketing strategies. From branding, social media, web design and email marketing, I’ve consumed a TON of educational content, tried it out for myself, and gotten things simplified down to a method that is tried, tested and true.

Ashley Avis, Black Dress, Web Designer, Content Management, Niagara Region

Have we met yet? I’m Ashley Avis!

-BA (Hons) Popular Culture, Communications, Film
-7+ years of Corporate Sales and Marketing Experience

-Host of  The Ashley Avis Podcast with thousands of downloads!

Positive Review, Social Media Management, Marissa Sylvester, for Ashley Avis

Everyone deserves a little help every now and again right? How would you like someone in your corner, who cares just as much as you do about the success of your marketing? Let me simplify your strategy, create stellar content for you and get you the results you need to grow your business!

Ashley Avis, Online Marketing Expert, photo by Tori Claire Photography, in white office designed by Melissa Walsh


Working together is as easy as:

Book a Discovery Call

Chat with me about your business and goals and the transformation you want to see on social media!


Proposal Presentation

Here I share ALL of my plan customized for you and your business needs.


Hire Your Next Team Member!

 I get to work creating content that your followers will love!

Ready to do this?

A Day in the Life

Every 4 weeks, I will sit down with you to present the social media strategy for the next 4 weeks. I have already planned out what to post and some email ideas just for you including trends, messages we want to share and how we are going to deliver. From there, I film or photograph any content needed. You will most likely be in this content, so, that day be camera ready. After that 2 hour meeting, you get back to work serving your clients, and I get to work creating, scheduling and posting your amazing content! The following weeks, I like to touch base with you, track your analytics, give and get feedback and be your number one supporter! And the process repeats from there! I create the content, track your results and you can sit back, watch your business grow online, and not waste a single second more on social media content that doesn’t work.

Starting at $1600

Ashley Avis, holding Pink Retro Phone, Sales and Marketing Expert

If you think that having this kind of support sounds amazing, then book a call today!
I’d love to hear about your business and how I can help!

Looking for something a little more DIY?
Check out Social Superstar,
My 8-week Social Media Coaching Program!

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