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EP 83: A Peek into How My Marketing Business Grew in 2023

Have you been listening to my show wondering, Ash, how do you run your marketing agency, serve your clients, take courses, maintain your work-life balance as a mom of two, and not burn out?

Well, today- I've got answers. I've never shared this much about my business before on my podcast, but I'm going for it! I broke down my year and share about Q1-Q4 and share about:

  • What courses I invested in

  • How I managed my time

  • Who I hired

  • My revenue numbers

  • My predictions for 2024

I also share what's next for The Ashley Avis Podcast, monthly episodes for those who want another peek behind the curtain and "What I'm Noticing" for online marketing trends and tips.

Some of the things I mentioned in today's episode:

👉When I was sharing about writing better messaging, I mentioned Donald Miller's Book: Building a Story Brand.

👉I also share about how I was able to write better copy for my business/my clients after I took a fiction writing course. I have a recorded an entire episode about that. Episode 71: How Writing Fiction Made Me a Better Marketer

Ashley Avis Marketing, Ashley Avis, Online Marketing Expert, in pink outfit

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