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EP 74: Mastering the Art of Impressive Client Communication: Elevating Your Business Email Skills

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Welcome back to the Ashley Avis Podcast! Today's episode is a game-changer. Did you know that sending not-so-great emails might actually be costing you clients and slowing down your business growth? But don't worry, in this episode, we're going to uncover the secrets to sending emails that leave a lasting, positive impression on clients, collaborators, potential clients, staff, and freelancers.

It Started on a Rainy Saturday

I want to begin by sharing a little story with you. It all started on a rainy Saturday morning when my husband suggested taking the kids to the gym. But, I had a different idea – I wanted to mow the lawn! You see, I love cutting the lawn. But before I could even lace up my shoes, the rain came pouring down.

Ashley Avis holding a cup of coffee sitting at her home office desk with an opened laptop, microphone and cell phone stand.  Niagara online marketer, email marketing.

So, I decided to head into my office with a cup of coffee, intending to check my emails and tackle some tasks while waiting for the rain to stop. But when I opened my inbox, I had that sinking feeling. It was filled with emails from a particular person, and these emails are what inspired today's blog topic.

I realized that sending unprofessional or unfriendly emails can have consequences, and I wanted to help you avoid them. So, in this post, I'll discuss the importance of sending reader-friendly emails and share tips to ensure your emails are clear, effective, and leave a positive impression.

The Consequences of Unfriendly Emails

Did you know that sending unfriendly emails can cost you money and hinder your business's growth? Whether you're communicating with clients, freelancers, brand collaborators, or potential clients, your emails represent your business. If your emails are unclear, unfriendly, or lack professionalism, it can harm your business in several ways.

Clients may start avoiding communication with you, referrals could decrease, and your reputation may suffer. That's why it's crucial to master the art of sending reader-friendly emails to enhance your business's success.

Tips for Sending Reader-Friendly Emails

Now, let's dive into some practical tips to improve your email communication:

1. Ensure Your Emails Make Sense: Write in complete sentences and avoid shorthand or short forms. This ensures that your readers understand your emails without making assumptions.

2. Avoid Shorthand: Shorthand or acronyms like LOL or JK may not be universally understood. Steer clear of these to prevent confusion.

3. Be Mindful of Talk-to-Text: While convenient, talk-to-text technology can introduce errors. Always review your messages for clarity and correct any inaccuracies.

4. Limit Jargon: Minimize the use of industry-specific jargon in your emails. Explain terms or provide context when necessary to make your emails accessible to everyone.

A bouquet of roses beside an opened laptop, email marketing, business marketing

Sending Fewer, Well-Thought-Out Emails

Another key aspect of effective email communication is sending fewer, well-thought-out emails. It's easy to fall into the trap of sending multiple short emails throughout the day, but this can overwhelm your recipients and disrupt their workflow.

Instead, consolidate your thoughts and feedback into one comprehensive email. This approach not only streamlines communication but also demonstrates professionalism and consideration for your recipient's time.

Training Others to Send Friendly Emails

If you often receive unfriendly or unclear emails from clients or collaborators, you can take steps to improve their communication:

1. Lead by Example: Set the tone by consistently sending friendly, well-structured emails. Your recipients will likely mirror your communication style.

2. Provide Feedback: When you encounter an unclear email, politely request clarification or elaboration. Honest communication can help others improve their email skills.

3. Encourage Comprehensive Emails: If someone tends to send numerous short emails, kindly suggest sending one email with all relevant information. This approach can enhance communication efficiency.

4. Offer Positive Feedback: Acknowledge and appreciate well-written emails with positive feedback. A simple "thank you" can go a long way in reinforcing desirable communication habits.

Wrap Up:

Don't let bad emails drag down your business. Effective email communication is an important skill that can positively transform your client interactions and relationships, building trust, and ultimately growing your business.

Until next time, remember: You've got this!

Ashley Avis sitting on a white chair. Ashley Avis Marketing, email marketer, online marketing, Niagara Ontario

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