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EP 65: How to Show Up Confident During A Photo Shoot with Three Crowns Branding

Updated: 5 days ago

Have you booked a Brand Photography Session yet? Getting my picture taken by a professional is something I am very happy that I invested in from the day one, but I wasn't always comfortable or myself in front of the camera.

I feel like the best photos of me were always taken at the end of a photo shoot after I had completely relaxed and maybe even forgotten there was a camera in the room. Contrast those to the first hundred shots where I look like a deer in headlights- you know the look right? This year I knew I wanted to showcase more of who I was, and my gut told me that I needed new photos. I reached out to a photographer, and after one single phone call, all of my pre-photoshoot dread had disappeared, in fact, I was looking forward to a full day of shooting! I'm definately going to elaborate more on today's episode of The Ashley Avis Podcast, but two things this photographer asked me before we even chose a location and date were: "What is something about you that people compliment a lot?" and "What's part of your personality that you want to show more of that maybe is misunderstood?"

These two questions lit a fire under me. Fast-forward to the day of our shoot, and I was ready from the moment I put on my first outfit, pressed play on some Michael Jackson tunes, and she started clicking.

That photographer that made my day so much easier and paved the way for me to show up as my most confident, authentic self, was no other than Dana from Three Crowns Branding.

Dana immediately felt like a friend from the moment we met in the parking lot of Amica Studio in Toronto, ON. She came ready to go, friendly as ever with a pink bunt cake to top the whole thing off!

The day was such a pleasure as was opening my gallery and seeing the hundred of shots she got! EEK! Best branding shoot ever!

It was obvious that I had to have her on the podcast. I asked her and she said yes! So I am so excited for you to listen to all of her confidence advice, photo-wisdom and planning tips to help you show up confident AF the next time you have a brand photo shoot!

Connect with Dana, Three Crowns Branding Instagram: @Threecrownsbranding Website:

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