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EP 58: Is Launching Dead?

Updated: Apr 17

Is there a way that we can announce our offers and make sales without having to plan a HUGE launch on social media and to our email list? Small business owners don't always have a ton of time to plan these launches, or sometimes launches flop and we don't even get the sales we hoped for after all of that effort.

Today on The Ashley Avis Podcast, I'm going to talk about an alternative way of selling your offers. If you want to sell higher ticketed offers, or just get more sales in general- then maybe it is time to include SALES CALLS into your sales strategy. I deliver 3 Sales Calls Tips that will help you close more sales! Listen to get these tips now! P.S. Never miss an episode of The Ashley Avis Podcast by signing up for my Insider's Club aka my email list. Opt- In HERE

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