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EP 43 How to Write Better Copy for Your Website

Updated: Jul 4

Figuring out what to write on your website, in an email, or even in a social caption can be hard. I guarantee that my guest today will make writing easier!

An email popped into my inbox a few weeks back from a listener who really peeked my interest. Her name is Courtney Fanning, owner of Big Picture Branding, and she's a copywriter- and she noticed I haven't yet had a copywriter on the show yet!

Right away, I checked out her website and I was immediately sucked in! This girl knows her stuff AND I could tell right away she is a fun person I would probably get along with. (Spoiler alert: we do get along perfectly!)

Hold Up: How could I tell all of this about a person from one email and reading her homepage?

Courtney is on the podcast today to teach us just that! We are talking about how to write with personality so that readers FEEL like they know you, can connect with you, like you, and more!

She really delivers on this episode too - I can't even tell you how many notes I took while recording this.

Get ready for your mind to be blown!

Connect with Courtney Fanning, Big Picture Branding

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Until Next Tuesday, You Got This. Ashley Avis Podcast Enthusiast Mom Survivor Fan #copywriting #websites #email


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