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EP 37: The Best Instagram Growth Tips for 2022

Updated: Jul 4

Do you want to grow on Instagram? It is totally okay if you just said yes. Maybe you are a brand new account and you would like some followers to engage with. Maybe you are an influencer and want to build your community. Maybe you are just a business that has been at this for a while now and would like to attract some new eyes and potentially some new clients.

There are a LOT of Instagram experts out there dishing out Instagram growth tips left rights and center, and some of these tips are a little overwhelming to me.

Tell me if this sounds overwhelming to you: -post 2-3x a day

-post a reel every day

-post 10x to your stories per day

-engage with other users 2-3 hours a day -follow all the trends

To me, this stuff is hard. I don't have the time to do this. But if I want to grow, is this what it takes? If the answer was yes I’d feel truly defeated.

But the answer is NO. (I bet you saw that coming) There are other ways you can grow on the app without spending hours a day on your phone.

Today in the podcast, I will be explaining a few things that I know to be true about growing on Instagram. I'll share what I think everyone should do BEFORE they start their growth strategy, what NOT to do just to gain followers, how to check your insights, set goals, and 4 ways that you can get your account in front of fresh eyes. Let’s go.

Past Episodes I reference in this episode that will help you: Episode: 14: Three Things Your Website Should Be Doing for Your Business

Questions for me about growing on Instagram? Or, think you have what it takes to make a great guest on my show? Send me a DM today @ashleyavisco

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You got this!

Ashley Avis Podcast Host, Educator, Web Designer, Content Manager #Instagramgrowth


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