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EP: 29 Four Branding Tips to Attract the Right Clients to Your Business

Updated: Jul 4

Great branding is all about attracting the right people to your business and repelling the wrong ones based on how you make them FEEL.

Let me address something- some people are afraid of repelling, they want to serve EVERYBODY but, if you serve everybody, then really, you serve nobody because nobody will feel seen heard, and understood if your messaging is vague, or not specific enough.

You can’t attract people well without repelling. You're going to see some examples as we go song here. Let's get to the:

Top 4 ways to attract people to your business online with your brand: 1. Have a brand statement: what you do and who you do it for. Not a quote, or phrase that you repeat all the time like - just do it, or you got this. Its a statement that clarifies to people if you can help them or not.

Put this brand statement everywhere- like your Instagram bio, the first thing people read on your website, email headers, letterheads, etc.

When your ideal client reads your brand statement: it will make them feel like they are in the right place. That they are one step closer to solving their problem.

2. Create Content that is super-specific. Online content: blog, social media posts, videos, emails: The goal here is to create content that ATTRACTS your ideal clients only so, be super-specific. Ex: if you are a spa that only uses natural products- get out in front of that and create content that tells people how/why you do this- which will repel some of the people who are not into natural and attract the ones who are.

When your ideal client consumes your specific content, they will feel seen, heard and understood.

3. Create Content that solves your ideal client's biggest problems. This is the most valuable content. By being specific about what problems you solve and how you solve them- you can attract the right people. Making simple how-to tutorials, writing educational blogs, giving valuable insights, sharing facts or tools or the trade that will help your ideal clients solve their specific problems will attract people (very well) to your brand, and repel people who don't care about this solution/problem in the first place. When your ideal client consumes content that you created that solves a problem for them, they will feel grateful, relief and happy they found you.

4. Create inspiring content for your ideal clients only. You don't want to inspire the world, you want to inspire your ideal clients. When you inspire someone, say by sharing a transformation story, or a quote that evokes inspiration, what you are doing is helping your ideal client instill the belief in themselves that they can do it too. If you do this right, your client will feel motivated. If you do this consistently, your ideal client will end up coming back to you in times where they need a pick-me-up and more motivation to keep going. You will end up being a go-to for them, which builds trust.

Think- do you maybe follow someone on social media who always inspires you, or are you a part of someone's email list that you love opening the emails because they have inspiring messages and stories inside? These would be examples of brands who care about you, who want you to feel something, and are doing a good job at placing themselves in a key spot.

The next step to creating this content wisely and on-brand is to take the Brand Audit Questionnaire that I am gifting you today and give yourself about 30 minutes of quiet time to have a think on some answers to the questions.

This questionnaire is just a start, but a great one! After filling it out, you will feel a lot more clarity and creativity! You can get this questionnaire and fill it out at by CLICKING HERE.

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Until next Tuesday- you got this!


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