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EP 28: Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Updated: Jul 4

I'm going to get right to it: Here are 5 very important reasons why your business needs a blog: FYI: When I say blog- I really truly mean a type of LONG FORM CONTENT that adds value for your audience like a blog, a vlog, a podcast ie: something more than a social media post.

And when I say "adds value." I mean educates them, gives them a quick win, provides a how-to tutorial, or a helpful checklist, etc.

The first reason your business needs a blog:

1. It is a great way to deliver value to your audience. When you teach them something- they remember, they appreciate, they like you for it!

2. Blogs get you more traffic to your website. If I track my website traffic, sure, I get a ton of clicks to my site from Instagram, but I also get a ton of clicks from Google of people searching for topics I cover on the show. Once people are on my website, I guide them towards getting to know me better, like me, and trust me enough to take me up on my offers or join my email list.

3. It helps you create your social media content!

Example: If you write a blog post, you can then make a post on social saying: a) Here’s my blog post all about this topic- go read it or

b) Here are 5 tips to achieving XYZ, for the rest of my tips read my blog post: 10 tips to xyz.

c) Share an impactful quote from the blog

d) At the end of each month- you can do a recap of the top blog posts that month

P.S. You can also create email marketing copy that serves your email list each week by pointing them towards value-packed long-form content.

4. Having a blog boosts your credibility and authority in your industry. Take a peek at your competitors? Do they have a blog? If they do- it is probably time you got one too, if they don't- what a way for you to stand out! Create a blog!

5. It will save you time and help you serve your current clients too. I use my podcast as a resource library to send my clients helpful information whenever they need a quick reminder OR are considering something new I've covered in the show. When I get questions in my DMs on Instagram, I typically use my blog links to send over to answer the questions. Which saves me time.

Now, If your mind is open to writing a blog, or starting some form of longer content- in today’s show, I’m going to teach you HOW to come up with topics your ideal clients want to read about, and How to write posts that will be strategic in guiding readers to want to know more about you! Let’s do it! Click Below to Listen!

If you want more tips like this to help you market and sell with confidence, OR, if you want to be the first to know whenever I publish a new podcast with an expert guest- JOIN MY INSIDERS CLUB

You got this,


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