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Ep: 27 Our Cycles Explained with Marissa Sylvester

Updated: Jul 4

As a woman, I consider it normal that my body changes day by day and week by week. It's supposed to, actually, all women's bodies are supposed to.

It is because the female body is not only regulated by the circadian rhythm aka the 24-hour clock, but also the 28-32 day menstrual cycle.

My body can go from feeling and performing at its best one week, to becoming bloated, having irritability and pain the next.

I'm embarrassed to admit, I did not even think to start tracking my cycle until I was 34. As a woman, I just felt like my period was something that happened to me, that was annoying and that would oftentimes set me back. Right before my period, and for the first few days, I can look so bloated that people have asked me if I was pregnant- SIDE NOTE- that is NOT an okay question to ask anybody. Who inspired me to start tracking my cycle and understanding my female body on a more holistic level? My friend Marissa Sylvester.

Marissa is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Culinary Expert. Her work with clients focuses on women's health and hormones. Her experience spans across many health challenges and realms of wellness outcomes. Including Hormone Imbalance, Fertility, Pre/post-natal, autoimmunity, perimenopause, menopause, digestive conditions and more.

I'm excited to ask her about hormones, and what we can do to support our bodies during the different phases we experience during our cycles.

Listen HERE!

Connect with Marissa Instagram: @marissasylvesterwellness Website: Women's Wellness Society: CLICK HERE

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