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EP 21: Confidence, Food Freedom and Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 4

My guest today is a food freedom and mindset coach. She is dedicated to helping women learn how to love themselves unapologetically, improve their mindset, & thrive again! She’s built a platform based on debunking the myths diet culture has spread over decades- making women feel less than, ashamed, and unhappy in their own bodies.

My guest today wants us to know that health is not a size, and that weight loss has a time and a place.

Today, I get to ask her about how to understand and recognize diet culture for what it really us, and how to craft messages that empower women, support self-love, and respecting our own and each other's bodies and journeys.

Are you ready to listen? Here she is Kim Basler, Food Freedom, and Mindset Coach.

Connect with Kim: Website: Instagram: @kimbasler_foodfreedom How do you feel about the way we talk about body image, fat, and weight loss? Join the conversation with us on Instagram! CLICK HERE

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Until Next Tuesday, You Got This! Ashley Avis Content Manager, Podcaster Ashley Avis Marketing Inc. #weightloss #foodfreedom #bodyimage


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