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Ep 15: Avoid the Energy Crash for GOOD with Maria from Vitalia Nutrition

Updated: Jul 4

You know the feeling when it's half way through your day and you're starving, maybe craving sugar, carbs or caffeine- and before you can reach for a thing- a reminder goes off on your phone that it's time to start your next meeting with a client. You pop into that meeting but you are energy-less. Your lack-luster conversation leaves your client wondering -what's wrong- and you feeling like you did not deliver your best work.

You white knuckle it through another hour to try and make up for it, but let’s face it, you have crashed and we just can't show up as our best self. Cue: mom voice, slurs, feeling groggy, snippy comments, forgetfulness, fatigue, and irritability. All you want to do is grab a bag of sweet and salty popcorn, a bottle of wine and curl up to watch Friends all night.

That's a story I could tell over and over until I met Maria.

She’s a holistic nutritionist originally from Mexico, but now living here in Ontario, Canada that I have been teaming up with for years to talk metabolism, nutrition for fuel and how to avoid the blood sugar rollercoaster that can ruin our day- and even cost us business. Today she is going to come on the podcast to talk about how to avoid the energy crash by doing simple things that won’t consume ALL of our time: meal prepping or grocery shopping.

If you want a day where you feel great, satisfied, and full of energy, then listen here to my friend Maria from Vitalia Nutrition. Whether you identify as a “snacker” or a 3 meals a day kind of person, Maria shares about how to eat to avoid a blood sugar crash. She also: Debunks Cravings- how to tell which ones are fake and which ones and real

She shares her favourite breakfast smoothie to keep you full and feeling great for hours

Plus: She shares her 4 non-negotables to kickstart your nutrition success that she shares with all of her clients.: Nutrition, Mindset, Self-care and Movement!

Listen below!

TIP of the WEEK:

I loved what Maria said about scheduling your meals on your calendar! I am definitely going to try this out! I am pretty on the ball with staying hydrated and keeping water at my desk, but getting up to eat a meal is another thing.

Are you like me and LOVE checking things off your the to-do list? Why not put eating lunch on the list, and then you get to check it off! If you are going to try this tip too, let me know how it goes by sending me a message @ashleyavisco on Instagram! I'd love to hear from you!

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