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Ep 10: Too Legit to Quit: A Lawyer's take on starting your own business

Updated: Jul 4

You know when you Google starting a business and the legal stuff starts popping up- and you decide to keep on scrolling past and take care of that later- yeah, that may not be a good idea.

There is a difference between having a business and having a legitimate- legally registered business.

From personal experience, I can say that once I met with a lawyer and incorporated my business, it felt really good to understand the legal components and to have all of my ducks in a row. Today, I want to help you get your ducks lined up too, so I asked my friend Lauren M. Angle, Founder of Angle Law Firm, to come on the show and share some Canadian legal information with us that can help if we are just starting our business.

She was so kind to say yes and fingers crossed that this is just one conversation of many I plan on having with Lauren because not only does she have a really amazing story about how she started her own firm, but she is also full of legal information that us entrepreneurs really need to know. Today, I ask her what an entrepreneur should consider right away when starting their business, the difference between a sol proprietorship and a corporation, we touch on the importance of contracts and how to make sure they are effective and not confusing. If you are ready to be too legit to quit, then listen to the information Lauren has to say today!

Lauren's Details:

Website: Instagram: @laurenanglelaw

Tip of the Week: Stuck trying to figure out a business name? To piggy back off of what Lauren said about choosing a business name- here is my advice: If you are a personal brand, have your business name be your name unless your name is hard to pronounce or spell. In which case, you can do what I and others do and, chose your middle name.

Ex: Ashley Avis Marketing

Or my friend Tori Claire Photography

It can be smart from a legal perspective because others are less likely to have your same name AND from a marketing perspective because people are going to be using your name when referring you to others and may not remember a business name that it not your name as well.

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Until next Tuesday! YOU GOT THIS!


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