Having the Confidence to be Controversial with Natalie Cooper

Are you the type of person who is afraid of showing up online and being too controversial? Who doesn’t like to stir the pot, be too opinionated or simply just doesn’t want to share anything that’s “too much” online for fear of offending anyone? I used to be that person too, and sometimes I feel myself slipping back into that mindset. And when I do, I check myself and then head over to my friend Natalie Cooper’s account on Instagram @mindyourown.life . Natalie is a brave, authentic, well-educated, open-minded, tuned-in woman who is confidently posting about some pretty controversial topics. When I first met Natalie, I thought she was so sweet, and kind. And as our relationship grew and I started listening to her podcast, I realized that she is such a source of confidence and authenticity. Her intentions are beautiful and I just had to invite her on to the show.

Today, I’m excited for you to listen in on a conversation we had about Instagram, posting with an open mind and an open heart, honesty, letting go of the need to be right and seeing where this whole thing takes us.

Connect with Natalie Cooper: Instagram: @mindyourown.life

Website: https://mindyourown.life/

Podcast: Mind Your Own Podcast

Tip of the Week: Make sure before you share someone else's post to your stories, that you a) agree with what they wrote in the caption, or b) you already know who the original poster is and your values align with theirs. You don't want to make the mistake of sharing an inspirational quote with an additional message that does not align with your own values associated with it. #regret

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