EP 46: 5 Tweaks Your Instagram Profile Needs to Get More Followers

When people find you on Instagram, how do they feel? Excited? Seen? Heard? Understood? When the right people find me on Instagram, I want them to feel relieved because they are one step closer to solving a problem that they have, and the 100% click follow. How do I do it? I made 5 tweaks to my profile that help people really understand if I can help them and how, and it has led to more followers! I share these 5 tweaks in today's episode! Thanks for listening and I hope it helps you!

Note: IG is always changing, so if you are listening to this next year, 5 years from now, it may or not be relevant.

I recommend updating or revisiting your profile often. Every other month or so until you feel it's bang-on and you are attracting and connecting with the right people.

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