Ep 39 Plan Your Next 4 Weeks of Instagram Content with Me

I walk you through how to plan and batch out 4 weeks of content for Instagram on today’s episode of The Ashley Avis Podcast. This is a simple way to approach planning, creating, and scheduling posts that will help you grow your business.

This content creation will: -Be as simple as possible

-Give you a taste of what batching feels like and how it can save you time

-Review some tech tips and apps to start using now if you are not already just because they will make your life so much easier even if it feels like another app is the last thing that you need right now

-Help you be strategic, know why you are posting what, and what results to look for

How do you think you are going to feel after this episode? Because I want you to feel confident, creative, motivated to create some content!

Ready- here we go.

Apps I Recommend: Canva- for graphic design to keep your content on-brand Inshot - for all of my video editing Later - to schedule my content across all platforms Website-in-a-Day Grab my mini-training and feel empowered to customize and edit your own professional website that will increase your bookings fast!

You Got This

Ashley Avis Podcast Host Content Manager Web Designer Jurassic Park Fan

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