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EP 71: How Writing Fiction Made Me a Better Marketer

Updated: 5 days ago

In this episode of the Ashley Avis Podcast, I share my experience of how writing a cheesy romance novel made me a better marketer. I talk about how a fresh idea hit me while on vacation in the Bahamas and how I found myself 7 days later mapping out my story on a big bristol board, opening up my laptop and starting to write.

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One dose of positive feedback from my grandmother launched me head first into learning how to write better fiction, because if I am going to write this book, I am going to do it right! I researched podcasts about how to write fiction. I found a masterclass offered by a podcast host and purchased her course. The course helped me understand that writing marketing copy that works is very similar to writing a story that works.

Today I share the number one mistake that most entrepreneurs make when writing their own copy, such as for their website, social media posts, blogs, or emails, and how to fix it.

Tune in to this episode (just click play below) to learn more about how writing fiction can make you a better marketer and how you can write compelling marketing copy that works.

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