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EP69: My Fav Commercial of ALL Time!

Updated: 5 days ago

I know a lot of us are not exposed to t.v. commercials that much anymore due to streaming services etc. but i think entrepreneurs can learn a lot about marketing from taking a look at how the pros are creating content (aka really amazing t.v. commercials) to help them get more business.

Commercials have been around for years to help businesses get brand awareness and customer loyalty. Back when Instagram REELS first came out, I said that these short videos are like commercials for our businesses!

So today, I wanted to share more about my FAVOURITE commercial that I saw not too long ago, why I loved it, and how it worked to peek my interest in becoming a customer and addressed my concerns in a VERY creative way!

LISTEN NOW and then feel free to watch the commercial below!

Love it? I know I do! It addresses their top concern for attracting new hosts: I don't want strangers living in my home. To Do: Write down the Top 3 objections/concerns you hear when people are saying NO to your offer and see if you can find creative ways to address that concern in your content!

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Until next Tuesday, you got this!

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