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EP 54: How to Get Started with Short-Form Video

Updated: Jul 4

Find yourself wondering, "Can my business survive without short-form video?" If your reach is embarrassing, nobody is seeing your content and your engagement is at an all-time low, then the answer is: No.

Ashley from Ashley Avis Marketing being expressive in front of a cell phone on a camera stand

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing feed. We know that the almighty algorithm likes to show content in the home feed and explore page that makes people stay on the app longer, and what's more captivating, scroll stopping or addictive than ..short form video? (Not much)

Today on the podcast, I give out 3 Tips that will help you convert your current content into short-form video that you can repurpose not just as an Instagram REEL, but also as a TikTok, YouTube Short, Pinterest Idea Pin and Facebook REEL.

This will allow you to tiptoe out of your comfort zone, no dancing, pointing or lip-syncing required. Scouts honour. Give it a listen, and if you love it, send me some good vibes over on the gram. @ashleyavisco.

Until Next Tuesday, You got this!

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