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Ep 13: Mental Health and Entrepreneurship with Savanna Mehrad

Updated: Jul 4

My show today revolves around mental health, authenticity, pivoting, imposture syndrome and some amazing action items to start using your Instagram account to attract your true community of supporters. It's a conversation I got to have with such a wonderful woman- Savanna Mehrad. She's a mother, entrepreneur, mental health advocate, food blogger and so much more.

I follow her on Instagram @savnnamehrad because her stories are so real, captivating, funny, and validating. Savanna has attracted a real community and today, she tells us all how she did it.

Tip of the Week- straight from Savanna's Mouth:

5 Ways to Get Started with Instagram Stories:

  1. Just start. Pretend you are talking with your bestie, or your sister or brother, and tell them a funny story, or a relatable story.

  2. Be consistent- no matter what that means to you. Even if it is just one day a week, stick with it. And make sure people are aware of that consistency.

  3. Just be yourself- being anybody else is exhausting.

  4. Have fun. No need to take yourself too seriously.

  5. Your people will come. If you are putting yourself out there, they will find you. Have patience.

Thank you Savanna for sharing these great tips!

To connect with Savanna:

Instagram: @savannamehrad

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