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Ep 11: How to Self-Care While Wearing ALL the Hats

Updated: Jul 4

How do you show up every day as an entrepreneur with energy, passion and confidence when you are spread so thin? How can you care for clients, customers, or your kids, when you barely have time to care for yourself?

My guest today is going to show us how taking proper care of ourselves is one of the best things we can do for our business, our life and our well-being. She is a self care coach and facilitator, living in Niagara Region, running her own business for the past 3 years helping us follow through on meaningful self care- beyond the bubble bath. Her take on self-care is like no other, authentic, real and unique. I can’t wait for you to hear from my friend, Laura Liz Hughes.

Laura Hughe's, Self-Care Coach Instagram: @selfcarewithlaur

Tip of the Week: How to Take Time Off of Social Media

You pretty much have two options:

1) Make a post letting your followers know that you are taking a break and when you will be back. Or..

2) Schedule your posts out in apps like LATER so your content can get published while you are taking the time away that you need. Note: I usually only recommend this for short leaves only. Listen to the episode for more details.

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Until next week!

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