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Ep 5: Why I Started My Own Business and then PIVOTED.

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would have my own business helping entrepreneurs market and sell with confidence online, I would have laughed in your face for two reasons.

  1. Because back then I would have bet the farm that my purpose on this planet was to be a stay-at-home with my two kids

  2. I myself was not confident what-so-ever with online marketing.

So what happened between then and now?

In today’s episode I'm going to share the long story short of how and why I started my first business and then my 2nd.

Listen to today's Episode to hear:

-My Elevator Pitch -Pivotal moments in my life that had me learning some tough lessons fast

-How the anxiety motivated me to take action

This Week's TIP OF THE WEEK: What makes PIVOTING on IG way easier! OH! And did you catch my little AD for Flodesk? Its my favourite Email Service Provider. Check out this video I made to see how easy it is to start and grow your email list! CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Thanks, You got this!

Ashley Avis

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