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EP 42: A Conversation with My Pinterest Coach, Debbie Roy

Updated: Jul 4

They say that Pinterest isn't social media, it's a search engine and it is pretty good at driving traffic to your website. I knew that I was avoiding it because learning a new platform would be time-consuming, and uncomfortable and I've been busy with other things.

But when a friend told me that it was as simple as repurposing the content that I already had and getting thousands of additional clicks to my website, my interest peaked.

I found and hired someone to teach me Pinterest, and she's been the best! I am so excited to have special guest Debbie Roy, Pinterest Expert, on the show today! We cover how to get started on Pinterest, keywords, analytics, realistic expectations, and a lot of key things to know when optimizing your profile.

Listen Now!

Connect with Debbie Roy Website:

Pinterest: @hellodebbieroy

Instagram: @helodebbieroy

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