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Ep 2: How to Follow Your Intuition in Business and in Life with Erin Hofer

Updated: Jul 4

8 years ago, I became friends with a woman and watched her transform from being quiet, anxious and miserable to becoming strong, confident, joyful and free. And how did she do it? She did the work, life’s work, and became an expert at tuning in to her intuition, trusting herself and following her heart.

Her story inspires me, and today I hope it inspires you too. Tune in today to hear from a woman who went from feeling stuck at a job she felt no connection to, to handing in her resignation with no backup plan to pay the bills and instead a belief that the universe has her back. I can’t wait for you to hear how this story turns out. Everybody, please give a listen to this conversation that I have with my good friend, Erin Hofer of Red Petal Co.

Links Discussed in Episode Two: Connect with Erin: Get Erin's Journaling Guide by CLICKING HERE Follow Erin on Instagram: @redpetalco

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Until Next Tuesday, You Got This!


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