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Ep 12: How I Landed my First High Paying Client

Updated: Jul 4

When I started as an entrepreneur, I never would have anticipated such a radical pivot as going from Yoga Teacher to Marketing Consultant/Content Creator.

In Episode 5, I shared about WHY I started my own yoga business and then pivoted to marketing, but I didn't share HOW.

So in today's episode, I'm going to break down exactly what I did to land my first high-paying client. I talk in detail about the exact steps I took, what kind of work, energy and time I dedicated to it, how I felt and if I would do anything different.

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Here's a recap on my Sales Process:

  1. Build a Relationship/Get to know your potential client/customer first.

  2. Find out what their needs and goals are, where they are now, what's holding them back from getting to where they want to go, and when they want to see these results by.

  3. Provide a solution, and address their biggest concerns.

  4. Ask for the sale! So many of us are actually too shy or fearful to actually ask someone to buy. I use the power of multiple-choice options.

  5. Overcome any objections or address any concerns they may have about price/value by offering proof. And ask for the sale again!

Tip of the Week:

Instead of waiting for your potential client to contact you, get active and make a list of the potential clients/customers who you already know and pick up the phone! It probably takes some wiggling to get out of that comfort zone, but what's the worst that could happen?

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