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EP 55: What to do when someone says "You're too Expensive"

Updated: Jul 4

I want to be real for a second.

A few months back, a fellow female professional tried to give me some real business advice. She said, “You’re too expensive. If your rates were more reasonable, you’d do better.”

I took that advice and..

No. I didn’t tell her to shove it. (I wanted to) but I used it as feedback.

Here’s the truth:

  1. My rates are NOT too expensive.

  2. I will NOT be lowering them any time soon.

  3. She did not understand my value, which means, I could do a better job either A) attracting the right leads, or B) increasing my own perceived value.

I am telling you this because if YOU have ever been told that you are too expensive, I’m sure you’ve felt the personal blow. I’m here to say you are not alone.


I recorded a whole Podcast episode to talk about what I did from that moment on to ensure nobody said that to me again. Learn my tips for what to do next after someone says: You’re too expensive.” in EP 55 of The Ashley Avis Podcast.

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