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Ep 4: Increase Your Bookings with This Advice!

Updated: Jul 4

If you are a service based business and you want to increase your bookings- you are in the right place! I am talking with Leah Fortune of Gratitude Skincare Studio who has mastered a booking strategy and she is going to tell us how it's done so we too can increase our bookings with confidence!

Listen to hear her advice when it comes to:

- Rebooking clients on the spot,

- What to do if you haven’t even booked your first client yet,

- Referral incentives,

- How she follows up to rebook her past clients,

- How she uses social media and email and so much more!


When asking people if they want to book with you, do not ask them a question that could end with a yes or a no. Instead, ask them a "when".

For example: Leah could have asked, "Would you like to rebook with me for your next facial?" Or "Would you like to book a facial with me?" In which case some will say yes and some will say NO.

Instead, she says, "For best results, I would like to see you back in 4-6 weeks, which day works best for you?" which gets our minds thinking, of a day of the week instead of a yes or a no.

So the formula here is: Recommend/prescribe a service with care, and then ask them which day works best for them.

Pay attention to how you ask for the booking in the future, and see if multiple choices like this can serve you in the future!

Links to Connect with my Special Guest: Leah Fortune, Owner Gratitude Skincare Studio

Instagram: @gratitudeskincare

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