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EP 36: YouTube for Beginners with Lydia Naomi

Updated: Jul 4

Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? I have, and that thought process spiraled into a hundred questions such as: Where do I get started on YouTube? How do YouTubers make money? What is YouTube content creation like? Will I need to conquer a YouTube algorithm? These are all questions my friend Lydia Naomi from @lydianaomistudio was kind enough to answer on today's show. Lydia is a sewer and creates her own patterns. After graduating, she started a YouTube channel to show other sewers how to properly sew with detail-specific videos and she took off! With over 70k subscribers and growing, and over 13k followers on Instagram, Lydia has taken a super niche topic and grown it big time!

Want to know how she did it, and her advice for those thinking about getting started on YouTube? Click PLAY below.

Lydia's Tips for Getting Started on YouTube: 1. Nail your niche. Get specific for who you want to attract/watch your videos.

2. Do market research. Research others in your niche, and see what types of videos are popular and what gaps you could fill.

3. Be consistent and go for it! Have a content creation plan you can manage.

4. Add your personality.

5. Keep evolving! You will always get better if you keep practicing and creating content. Great tips Lydia! You've inspired me!

Get in Touch: Lydia Naomi Studio

Instagram: @lydianaomistudio YouTube: Lydia Naomi Etsy: Lydia Naomi

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Until next Tuesday, you got this!


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