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EP 35: Stop Losing Customers because of Poor Service

Updated: Jul 4

Anyone else seeing a little dip in great customer service lately? When I say dip, I mean- complete-lack-of?

Today on the show I'm going to talk about customer service. It is a topic I have yet to share about on the show, and I don't think it needs to be hard, complicated or super strategic. But, if you don't focus on it, and brush up on your skills you could easily make a slip-up that could cost you a current customer and a future one too.

Listen Now!

My Favourite Acronym for Handling Customer Complaints: LESTER Listen: Don't interrupt them. Let them get it ALL out. Eye contact and a small head nod here can go a long way.

Echo: Summarize and repeat back what they just told you to let them know you were listening and that you care. Don't add in anything here and Please, don't add in any sarcasm either.

Sympathize: No need to drag this out. Just a simple line such as, "If that happened to me I'd be frustrated too."

Thank: Thanking someone for bringing this to your attention can go a long way and show that you have a healthy mindset.

Evaluate: What solutions could we come up with? If you need time to evaluate different solutions, be upfront about that. Tell them how long you need to find a solution and then go and find it in a timely manner.

Respond: Solve the problem. Following up with the customer can show them you really care about them, appreciate their business and feedback. It can turn a hater into a raving fan! I've seen this happen many times!

Care to share your customer service stories? let me hear them! Send me a DM on Instagram: @ashleyavisco.

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Until next Tuesday, YOU GOT THIS.


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