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EP 34: Canadian Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 4

The best thing about owning your own business is… TAXES! Just kidding!

Starting a business can be so hard. There is a ton of stuff that you don’t know until you know, you know? For me, it's taxes.

Taxes can be both confusing and overwhelming.

I've created this episode specifically for: Canadian entrepreneurs and now is the best time to listen because we have tax season coming up!

This can be a dreaded, confusing time of year, so I got you a little something to ease the pain….

I’ve got another Ashley on the show, and she’s an accountant! I found her on

Instagram and she has given me some great advice to keep booking and accounting simple for my online business and I asked her to come on the show and do the same for you!

So here we go, HIT PLAY, and learn what it takes to as an entrepreneur to handle your bookkeeping, taxes, and more in this episode!

That awesome link Ashley shared during the episode about knowing how much to save for income tax purposes is HERE.

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